Tips for Attending a Wedding Show

15 Rules for Success

Come with an open mind

Be ready for inspiration! You will be surrounded by creative ideas and people.  Bring a pen and paper with you so you can make a list of your “Like it, Love it, Gotta have it” ideas.

Know who is there

Bridal Shows Rhode Island

Photo by Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC

Take some time to research the show and the professionals who will be exhibiting, focusing on those that you need for your wedding. Make a plan – It is easy to get overwhelmed at a show.  Decide in advance what items you are looking for and have some questions prepared. You will save time and ensure that all of your “must see” items are seen!

Create address labels

It is much easier to attach a label to a sign- in sheet than it is to write out your information multiple times.  All you need to include is your name, address, e-mail, and wedding date and you will be good to go!

Don’t waste time

Save time in your search by asking the most important question first – “Are you available on this date?”  If their response is “No” keep moving along.

Create a wedding specific e-mail

Bridal Shows Rhode Island

Photo by Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC

Save your work and personal inbox from being cluttered with wedding-related information.  This will help to keep you organized and avoid any responses from being overlooked.

Pre-Register when possible

Doing so may get you a discounted rate and helps you avoid standing in long lines on the day of the show.  Experience VIP treatment that lets you walk right into the show!

Bring a tote bag

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Although some shows will supply one, it is always best to be prepared.  Be sure to bring a roomy shoulder bag that can hold all of the fun information packets you will collect throughout the day.

Wear comfortable shoes

Be cute, but comfy! Odds are you will be on your feet for quite a while and uncomfortable shoes will tire you out too quickly.

Take photos

There will certainly be items that you will want to show others or remember for later.  Be sure to ask the vendor if photos are permitted before snapping away.

Know your schedule

Some vendors will schedule appointments during wedding shows to allow for one on one conversation.  Schedule time with your favorite professionals to ensure you don’t miss out.  It will help to make the best of the time you have at the show.

Ask questions

The show will be filled with wedding professionals so take the opportunity to learn as much as you can.  Asking questions will help guide and focus your search to ensure you find the right team of professionals to make your wedding fantastic.

Don’t skip

You never know where you will find inspiration.  Be sure to walk down every aisle and take information for anything that interests you.  You can look over everything at your leisure again after the show.


Start conversations with the people at the booths.  Don’t be shy. You will know right away if they are someone you will want help you planning your special day.


Have Fun!

Header photo by Eloquent Images Photography, LLC